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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

Thanks For Joining Us at Fuel America!

Two GOTR Worcester County coaches holding Hershey's SHE Is Bars.

A great big thank you to Fuel America for hosting our coach mixer on Sunday, March 19th - what a great atmosphere for our Spring 2023 coaches to connect over a cup of brew and pick up their coach bags in preparation for the upcoming season.

Another thank you to our lovely volunteer coaches.  We would not be able to get our program to so many girls without your dedication!  We hope these SHE Is Hershey's Bars were a delicious treat as you enter your sweet Spring season next week!

Check out the images below of the event at the Fuel America on Mercantile Street.

IMG_6339IMG_6335IMG_6336IMG_6327Untitled design-59Untitled design-57IMG_6333

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