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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

Staff Spotlight: Alexis Griswold

Headshot of GOTR Worcester County board member Alexis Griswold.

Alexis Griswold is an HR Business Partner at Pearl Meyer.  She manages strategic employee initiatives like talent acquisition and employee relations.  We are so grateful that Alexis has chosen to share this expertise with us by serving on our board and marketing committee.

Alexis found herself immersed in community projects post-grad, feeling called to take part in missions that her own personal values alligned closely with.  "As I had the opportunity to learn from community leaders and learn more about myself," she says, "I realized that I really love supporting female-focused causes.  I was on the board of the Young Professional Women's Association when I learned about GOTR, and it just immediately stood out to me.

"I am a firm believer that supporting the girls of today is supporting the leaders of tomorrow.  As I learned more about the program and the mission, it just felt like a perfect match.  Empowering girls to be strong and confident is incredibly important."

A major part of GOTR's mission is instilling self-respect in each individual program participant.  Alexis highlights the crucial nature of teaching young girls to respect not only themselves, but their peers as well.  "More importantly, to me at least, is teaching girls to be good teamates, and kind, and encouraging of others.  I love that this program not only encourages girls how to love themselves, but also how to love and support their teammates."

When Alexis isn't at work, you can find her exploring what the Worcester area has to offer.  "I love exploring restaurants in the area with my boyfriend.  We are so lucky to have so much amazing food in this area."  She notes Shawarma Palace and Dalat as two of her favorites.

You can find her walking outdoor trails in Sturbridge with her puppy Henry, reading, or over on her LinkedIn page.

We are grateful to have Alexis on our team and admire her dedication to deleloping the confidence of girls across the county.

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