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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

GOTR Worcester County at the Boston 10K for Women!

Program Sarah Viadero at Boston 10K for Women

October 8th was a day of achievement for GOTR Worcester County coaches and crew at the Boston 10K for Women.  Amongst 7,000 passionate runners were three of GOTR Worcester County's own:  our program coordinator Sarah Viadero, Grafton coach Tina McCarthy, and former coach Taryn Corriveau.  We spoke with Taryn and Sarah to gage their experience running the 10K, what it took to prep for the event, and how they take inspiration from the GOTR girls.

Taryn, who has coached with GOTR for three years in the past, states she has been "running for years", but really sought it out as a stress-relieving outlet during the pandemic.

"It was such an amazing experience to partipate in a race dedicated to women as a GOTR coach trying to inspire and empower young girls," she says.  "As a GOTR coach, I think it's important to lead by example - I wanted my own daughter to see me working towards my goal to complete a 10K, and how excited I was to accomplish it.  I know for a lot of the girls the goal of completing the celebration 5K can be daunting, so I hope that the girls were motivated by their coaches running this race!"

Sarah feels similarly; after spending two seasons coaching, she took the new role of Program Coordinator, and regularly references her experiences coaching to make for an even more meaningful season.  "Last spring at the 5K, I have to admit, I cried watching my girls cross the finish line," she says.  "I was so happy for them!  They were so amazed that they ran a 5K and they all told me how good they felt, and how much fun they had: the two reasons I fell in love with running."

It's no secret that prepping for a 10K takes time management and dedication.  Our GOTR gang gave us some insight into what their regime looked like leading up to the event to ensure a strong finish.

"I run 4 miles a few times a week," says Taryn.  "I work full time and have two kids, so running is often my 'me time', and I try to make it a priority.  When training, I try to set realistic goals for myself so I can achieve them without feeling overwhelmed, or dread.  Instead, I look forward to my training runs!"

Sarah adds that "[s]ometimes, the hardest part of a run is getting out the door!"  She notes that she sets out her running clothes the night before as a reminder when she wakes up that she is "going to make the run a part of [her] routine."

These GOTR members are an excellent example for the girls in our program, showing them they can set and achieve any goal they put their minds to, so long as they work hard.  Though coaches teach the girls life skills and confidence, it's clear that the learning goes both ways; the girls inspire our coaches to achieve their own goals, maintain healthy exercise habits, and take risks.

"I love that GOTR girls are confident in themselves and aspire to be good friends and members of their communities," says Taryn.  "I have been so lucky to get to know an amazing group of girls through coaching."

As for advice to our GOTR girls and community runners as they gear up to cross the finish line November 20th at Assumption?  "It's okay to be nervous, we are all nervous about something," reassures Sarah.  "I would have them set goals, and each time they run just push a little bit more so they can reach that goal."



To register to run in our celebratory, end-of-season 5K at Assumption University on November 20th, click here.

To sign up as a volunteer to help make this the best even possible for our GOTR participants, click here.


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