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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

Staff Spotlight: Jenna Cross

Headshot of Jenna Cross, GOTR Worcester County Board Secretary.

Jenna is a Development Team Lead at CVS Health and works with a group of developers to support their business partners.  "Because the business and technology are evolving so rapidly, the job is always challenging, but fun and interesting, too," she notes.  She also works as a health & wellness coach, and aims to help her clients "stand in confidence and feel their best."  It's this positive attitude and desire to help others that makes Jenna such a great fit for our GOTR team.

She currently serves as our board secretary and on our governance committee.  Like a few of our board members, her involvement first started as a coach.  "I have been able to see the organization's mission in action," she recalls.  "Any chance I get, I advocate for Girls on the Run.  I even spoke so highly about it, a friend in the New York area started a team!"

It was this coaching that ultimately showed Jenna the impact GOTR can have on the self-worth of the individual girl.  She recalls her own journey as a young woman.  "As someone who struggled with confidence and realizing my potential, I find it so important to be a role model for younger generation."

Jenna's passion, leadership, and dedication to her community make us extremely grateful that she has chosen GOTR.

When she's not working, you can find her exploring the restaurant scene in Worcester, listening to music, or playing the guitar!

Find her over on her LinkedIn page here, and join us in highlighting what a valuable asset she continues to be to GOTR Worcester County!

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