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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

Staff Spotlight: Courtney Platzman

Headshot of GOTR Worcester County board member Courtney Platzman.

Courtney Platzman currently serves as a valued member of our GOTR Worcester County board and as a member of our events committee.  A diverse skill set including B2B sales, marketing, and business development, as well as a professional background well-versed in market growth and brand recognition, makes Courtney an esteemed member of our GOTR team.

Courtney offers that the GOTR program "teaches young women life lessons and how to overcome obstacles with hard work."  She notes that the value of the GOTR program goes beyond individual improecment, and credits the supportive environment GOTR fosters as a key place to make and keep connections.  "It teaches them the value of a team," she says, "and the value of a strong, supportive group of women."

As GOTR's programming uses exercise as a tool of self-discovery, Courtney adds that athletics have "proven to help [young women] develop confidence, strength, and motivation."  This is why we such a transformation in our GOTR girls throughout the season!

Please join us in highlighting and celebrating Courtney and her ever-present efforts in bringing our mission to girls across Worcester County!

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