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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

Compliments to Make Your GOTR Girl Smile

Image of a GOTR mom and daughter smiling against a decorative background.

January 24th is National Compliment Day.  Compliments are a great way to make anyone smile.  Unfortunately, however, many typical compliments are centered around physical appearance.  Young girls may internalize too many compliments about their outward appearance, and grow to believe that these traits are their only worthy qualities.

Though there's nothing wrong with letting someone know you love their new sneakers or hair, a much more meaningful way to spread joy in the new year is to compliment someone on the character-based traits you admire about them.  When you compliment your girl in a meaningful way, she recognizes her inner strength, and grows proud of who she is, instead of what she looks like.

Here are four compliments that have nothing to do with physical appearance, but will have your GOTR girl (or anyone, for that matter!) grinning from ear to ear.

1. "You are so hardworking!"

The GOTR season is a great time to remind your girl of how hardworking she is, as she works all season long to build self-confidence and physical ability.  But, this compliment is meaningful in so many other contexts!  When you see her studying for her upcoming test, be sure to let her know her efforts aren't going unnoticed.

2. "You light up a room!"

Highlighting how much of a positive impact your girl has on the attitudes of others is sure to make her feel loved.  It also inspires her to keep a positive attitude, knowing that others appreciate how good she makes them feel with her humor, attitude, and simply by being in the room.

3. "You're such a great friend!"

Friendships are a crucial aspect of adolescence, and are valuable to all people, at all stages of life.  Your GOTR girl will feel warm when you let her know that she is a great friend - whether that has to do with her reliability, understanding, or standing up for another girl.

4. "You inspire me!"

We have so much to learn from the younger generation.  As we see through our Community Impact Projects each GOTR season, young people are eager to give back to their communities, and love knowing that they are making a meaningful impact.  Acknowledge their passion and let them know how much their actions inspire you.  It will mean the world to them, and encourage them to keep making a difference.

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