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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

4 Tips for Embracing Change & Newness

Photograph of a GOTR participant smiling with her father. He hugs her and smiles. Participcant is wearing a purple GOTR program shirt and race bib that reads "GOTR". Father wears white shirt and black shorts.

Change is good - great, even! We are constantly learning, growing, and changing into better friends, better teammates, and more impactful community leaders with every small effort we make.


Sometimes, though, change can be scary. Many girls are unsure of what newness will bring. Take a girl's frist time participating in GOTR, for example. She may be nervous about the end-of-season 5K, or unsure about making new friends on her team. Well, we're here to help! Here are 4 tips for embracing change as you start thinking about the upcoming Spring season!


1. Be open to new ideas

Part of embracing change is being open to new ways of thinking. Perhaps you have your own way of pacing yourself while you run laps during GOTR practice, but a friend is suggesting you try their way for the next lap. Give it a go! You may find a new habit that works better for you in the process.


2. Believe in yourself

Many people are afraid of change because they fear they will fail at whatever new challenge they are faced with. Believe in yourself, GOTR girl! You've got this. You'll never know if you never try - and you'll find that doing just that - trying - is a success within itself.


3. Think of what could go right

Rather than focusing on what might go wrong, focus on what could go right! By maintaining a positive mindset, you'll reinforce to yourself that there are so many good things that come when you just have the right outlook.


4. Lead with an open heart

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when embracing change is to lead with an open heart. How does one do this? Open yourself up to new friends on your GOTR team! Maybe there's a future bestie in GOTR that you didn't even know you shared the same Taylor Swift song with, or had the same middle name as.


Change doesn't always have to be scary if you keep these tips in mind. If you're ready for a beautiful new season of change, join us this Spring! You can register for our Spring season here.

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