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Katie Bullied

Katie Bullied

20 Fun Spring Activities to Keep Your GOTR Girl Glowing!

Large group of Girls on the Run girls smiling.  They are all wearing bright blue GOTR shirts.

We are wishing our GOTR family the best Spring EVER!  We're excited the season is about to begin this month - the week of March 27th - and we know you are, too.  When the warmer weather is officially upon us (technically the first day of Spring isn't until March 20th!), come back to this list for some inspiration.  We've compiled 20 super fun Spring activities your GOTR girl can take part in to get in the Spring spirit!



Grab your chalk and let's rock! Hopscotch is a fun way to stay active with your friends.


Jump rope

Jump it up in the sunshine - keep track of your personal record, or just jump for joy!



Maybe we're biased - but going for a run is a super fun Spring activity when the weather is not too hot, but not too cold.


Making bouquets

Repurpose an old glass bottle as your vase, and get to decorating!  Arrange a bouquet of wildflowers.


Lemonade stand

Sweet, never sour - having a lemonade stand is a refreshing way to pass the day.


Grow a vegatable garden

Next time you're eating a pepper or avocado, save the seeds.  You can plant them and watch them grow throughout the coming months!


Decorate your own flower pots

Spruce up your average clay pot with a fun design or painting.  Make sure you seal it so your design lasts!


Read a book outside

Take a break from social media and read your favorite genre of book in nature.


Have a picnic

A picnic is a relaxing activity to enjoy with your loved ones.  Have everyone bring their favorite snack, put on some music, and enjoy!


Host a neighborhood clean up

Helping the Earth is always in style! Clean up your neighborhood by picking up trash, water bottles, and cans along the side of the road.


Fly a kite

Flying a kite is the perfect activity for a windy Spring day.


Sidewalk chalk

Using sidewalk chalk in your driveway is a colorful, creative outlet.  Best of all, those Spring showers will eventually come to wash it away, so you can do it all over again!


Bird watching

Spring is when the birds start chirping!  Grab a pair of binoculars and see if you can spot one in flight.


Flower crown making

Another fun craft using flowers - weave the flower stems to make a ring.  Then, insert other blooms throughout it to make a fabulous flower crown!


Scavenger hunt

Enlist the help of an older sibling or guardian to hide some small treats outside.  It's up to you whether you want to take any hints as to where they are.


Journal in nature

Just as we see in our Heart & Sole program, journaling is a great way to connect to yourself and your inner thoughts and feelings.  Journaling in nature is a peaceful way to do this.


Backyard camping

Two things you should know about GOTR girls:  One, they're strong.  Two, they love s'mores (who doesn't?)! Set up a tent with the help of a guardian, grab your blankets, and tell scary stories by the campfire.


Movie night

If the Spring nights are just a little too chilly to be outside, that's okay.  Wrap up in a cozy blanket, make some popcorn, and watch your favorite movie.



Incorporate a couple of these activities and have a sleepover with your GOTR besties!


Participate in our GOTR program!

There's still time to sign up, too!  Register your girl today.

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